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CAS No : 74536-44-0

Therapeutic Class : Hepatoprotective

Pharmacopoeial Compliance : IH

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Metadoxine, is a drug used to treat chronic and acute alcohol abuse. Metadoxine improves the clinical signs of accelerated alcohol clearance from the blood. Metadoxine is predominantly used in developing nations for acute alcohol intoxication. In an animal model, Metadoxine treatment increased the clearance of alcohol and acetaldehyde, thus reducing the damaging effect of the free radicals, and enabling cells to restore cellular ATP and glutathione levels. Metadoxine also increases the urinary elimination of ketones. Metadoxine is also a selective antagonist to 5-HT2B receptor, which is a member of the serotonin receptor family. Metadoxine treatment may also block the differentiation step of preadipocytes, thus thereby repressing CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein b during the hormone-induced adipogenesis. Metadoxine leads to a significant improvement in blood and brain biological markers (AKT and ERK), which may have a role in learning and memory. Studies have also demonstrated a reduction in the amount of immature neurons and abnormally increased protein levels.


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