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2,4-Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol

CAS No : 1777-82-8

Therapeutic Class : Antiseptic

Pharmacopoeial Compliance : EP

Certifications : CEP / WC

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2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol is a an antiseptic, able to kill bacteria, viruses associated with the mouth and throat infections. It is a very common ingredient in lozenges for the throat. A low-pH throat lozenge containing 2,4- Dichlorobenzyl alcohol and Amylmetacresol has been found to deactivate respiratory syncytial virus and SARS-Cov, but not adenovirus orrhinovirus. Also its is seen in a dentifrice containing 10% sodium benzoate and 0.3% 2,4- Dichlorobenzyl alcohol that maintains antimicrobial activity for 5–10 minutes after brushing.


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