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CAS No : 22457-89-2

Therapeutic Class : Antioxidant Dietary Supplement

Pharmacopoeial Compliance : IH

Certifications : COPP / WC

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Benfotiamine is a synthetic S-acyl derivative of thiamine. Benfotiamine is marketed as a medicine and/or dietary supplement, though Benfotiamine is primarily marketed as an antioxidant too. Benfotiamine is used for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy, and nephropathy. Clinical studies are are carried out to explore the therapeutic potential of Benfotiamine in both diabetic and non-diabetic pathological conditions. At times it is thought that treatment with Benfotiamine leads to increased intracellular thiamine diphosphate levels. After absorption, Benfotiamine is dephosphorylated by the cells bearing an ecto-alkaline phosphatase to the lipid-soluble S-benzoylthiamine. Benfotiamine should never be confused with allithiamine, a naturally occurring thiamine disulfide derivative with a distinct pharmacological profile.


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